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Welcome to HIT 



HİT International Education has been working with a focus on Turkish students’ success to help their education and career goal achivements by broadening their horizons since it was established in 1993 as a boutique and unique agency. More than 10.000 students whose career plans are discussed together to choose the most appropriate education institution which provides the program and services that meets their expectations and needs, we can create the best pathway in order to make a positive contribution to their study abroad experience. The numbers of pleased students we have are increasing day by day and because of their precious references HİT became the most distinguished Education Counseling Company in Turkey. We, as HİT International Education, have been carrying on this prestigious mission without compensate our quality principle for years being aware that this mission plays a role especially in lives of our youth. HİT arranges numerous marketing activities and wide variety of recruitment events nationwide to ensure its partner institutions reach wider prospective students throughout the year.

    HİT International Education, with its dynamic, experienced education counselors, has been acting as a bridge between the world and Turkish youth in order to raise them as universal citizens with best education backgrounds, professional trainings and global perspectives. With this in mind, we place the most appropriate students to each institution we work with and provide the most accurate pre-departure information to them in order to make the students’ success continuous. Furthermore; HİT always emphasizes on its partner institutions’ needs & expectations and gives the best service. To build a long-lasting partnership and making it grow as a mutually beneficial way, is also another crucial mission of HİT.


    To be able increase the quality of our service, we support our partner schools and staffs  for the innovative change and improvement.


    Due to the importance of our students’ welfare and our partner schools’ gratitude, HİT employs professional counselors who have personal experience of living and studying abroad. The counseling service provided by HİT integrates the needs of the student, the parents and the education provider with success. As well as attending all seminars held by foreign embassies and schools, HİT counselors improve themselves with most updated information about schools, programs and visa procedures. We are also proud to announce that all HİT education counselors are British Council accredited and granted to an Accreditation Certificate upon successfully completion of the British Council training.


    HİT’s counseling service continues during the education period of its students to take care of any problems or requirement changes. Education counselors follow their students’ education and success throughout their education to be able to eliminate any problems which may arise. If so, the problem or unexpected issue is handled by HİT’s counselors and the best solution is provided to students at an earliest convenience.


    HİT International Education is the oldest and the largest education counseling and student placement company in Turkey. Headquartered in Istanbul, HİT also has a Regional Headquarter in Ankara.


    HİT was founded in 1993 by the former owner of Turkey’s largest newspaper “Hürriyet” and the ex-president of Dogan Media Group. Having extensive experience and communication in Media put HİT in a unique position, enabling it to use the right tools and most successful channels in promoting international education opportunities and by reaching the target population in a most effective and productive manner.


    HİT organizes direct presentation and registration events in its offices in Istanbul and Ankara. These events enable representatives of education providers to come to Turkey and meet their target groups. The representatives are welcome to use both HİT offices and staff in order to promote their institutions in Turkey. If students fulfill their requirements, an admission decision can be made during the meeting. The days and times of direct registration events are advertised nationally in major newspapers. The promotion and event announcement is also sent to thousands of students at HİT’s database as well as distributing flyers and placing posters at most popular schools.

    HİT Fairs Corporation is a member of HİT Group and the sister company of HİT International Education. Heretofore, 15 annual HİT International Education Fairs has been arranged successfully. HİT Fairs was formed as a separate corporation that concentrates its focus on education fairs under the HİT Group, with its extensive experience and comprehensive range of well organized services. Our fair is a boutique one as we don’t want to have hundreds of  schools in one fair which makes the students confused; on the contrary, we try to have a more focused fair which gives sufficient time both to the school and the student. In order to have an efficient & effective fair, HİT invites the students directly from the schools with the permission of Ministry of Education thus only have the most serious students in the fair venues. Also, all students who attend our fair are followed up by HİT education counselors which increase the number of enrollments out of the fair. 

    International Education Magazine which is annually published since 1998 by HİT, has a circulation of 5.000 and distributed nationwide. This magazine has been published with the purpose of providing the most up-to-date information to the students who intend to study abroad. It has been the best guide for the students with its articles about the advantages of study abroad programs, information about schools, education systems of foreign countries, the changes in visa procedures, pre-departure information and student testimonials. These testimonials provide first hand information about the schools they studied, the cities they lived in and the life experience they got in the countries they lived and study. It has a determinant role in improving the demand in study abroad programs and increasing the brand-name awareness of our partner schools. The magazine sold in major newsstands and the most distinquised bookstores between January and September throughout Turkey is an important marketing tool as it is also distributed to most popular schools for free of charge. We are proud to announce that it is also on sale at Appstore so that the prospective students can buy archiving the previous issues as well.